World's Fair Knot

How to tie a World's Fair Knot

The World's Fair Knot is invented by Gary Martin and was selected as the best knot out of 498 entries in the great knot search at the 1982 world fair. It is simple, quick to tie and can be used with most monofilament line diameters.

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Kairi from qfglfYlZco

Monday, 01-08-11 02:33

You're on top of the game. Thanks for shirang.

Marlien from qBimSGBOSysgz

Monday, 02-05-11 12:14

IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thnigs like that?

Milly from JAFwPDwtLamSfXEU

Wednesday, 27-04-11 01:12

IMHO you've got the right asnewr!

Randy from United States

Wednesday, 12-05-10 04:06

Just found your site -- I really enjoy all of the wonderful knots available -- especially the fishing knots Emoticon Thank you

robert bosley from united states

Tuesday, 23-03-10 04:18

this is an awsome web site but i can't get all the different knots 2 download nothing comes up so far 2 different 1's rebeck and the simple simon double and i haven't got through all the different 1's yet

jerzee from namme tgyuhb

Saturday, 23-01-10 03:03

for drop shot see the Palomar knot. ya just have to thread tag line back through the hook, then attach weight

Steve Lohman from USA

Sunday, 04-10-09 07:29

Bimini Twist Knot I need


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