Uni Knot

How to tie an Uni Knot

The Uni Knot is in many ways a great knot. If you only wan't to learn one knot then the uni knot is the one to learn. The uni not is an almost complete knot that can be used to attache lures or hooks, for joing lines (double uni knot), snelling hooks and it even works with most superlines. The Uni knot is a multipurpose fishing knot that will prove it self in many situations.

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Daniel from Hawaii, USA

Tuesday, 16-03-10 08:32

Nice work. Lefty friendly too.


Tuesday, 09-03-10 07:19

thank u

Geoff from Australia

Monday, 08-02-10 13:04

Very informative and very helpful.

Thanks and keep up the good work..
when I can afford I will donate

Joseph from New Zealand

Friday, 05-02-10 04:29

Don't be discouraged by negative comments, mate. You don't realize how helpful your videos have been. Please carry on the good work.
I promise that when I can afford, I will donate for the work you do.

Don from Canada

Friday, 08-01-10 20:32

I would much prefer 5 or 6 good diagrams. The videos just take too long to load down.

Jonathan from USA

Thursday, 17-12-09 02:15

Is the uni good with braid to lure/hook too? I use the double uni for braid to flurocarbon with great success!

kaginalkar from india

Sunday, 04-10-09 09:19

can anyone tell me about self locking sliding knot.


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