Uni Knot

How to tie an Uni Knot

The Uni Knot is in many ways a great knot. If you only wan't to learn one knot then the uni knot is the one to learn. The uni not is an almost complete knot that can be used to attache lures or hooks, for joing lines (double uni knot), snelling hooks and it even works with most superlines. The Uni knot is a multipurpose fishing knot that will prove it self in many situations.

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Saturday, 26-06-10 13:33


Mimmus from Italy

Sunday, 09-05-10 15:05

Very useful knot because it is simple. In any case, to tie hooks and others accessories, I suggest Palomar knot, that is proven strong and simple too.
Thank you for all your work

Dave from USA

Thursday, 06-05-10 03:27

Thanks. A great help. As an aside, a national magazine recently did a strength test on knots and found that they held better by two to four percent if you spit on them before tightening. They didn't say why, but the lubrication probably lets the knot pull tigher. My pro guide always spits on his knots befoe tightening; now I know why.

silvano from italy

Wednesday, 05-05-10 11:28

All the video posted are very clear, well done and extremely usefull . GRAZIE , GRAZIE, GRAZIE............

Mink from USA

Saturday, 03-04-10 12:23

Video is nice amd simple to follow, thanks, great job.

Alberto from Italy

Saturday, 27-03-10 15:51

very interesting!
I hope to learn all of them!
great job!

Daniel from Hawaii, USA

Tuesday, 16-03-10 08:32

Nice work. Lefty friendly too.


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