Uni Knot

How to tie an Uni Knot

The Uni Knot is in many ways a great knot. If you only wan't to learn one knot then the uni knot is the one to learn. The uni not is an almost complete knot that can be used to attache lures or hooks, for joing lines (double uni knot), snelling hooks and it even works with most superlines. The Uni knot is a multipurpose fishing knot that will prove it self in many situations.

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AMU from KSA

Friday, 03-02-12 11:39

Man! I really love this site for its clarity and thoroughness. Keep up the good work. Til my next comment.

Katherine from WNVYfjJxw

Sunday, 08-01-12 04:18

Yeah that's what I'm talknig about baby--nice work!

Trinity from BbCQqDaYmkCGGsl

Tuesday, 21-06-11 06:48

Real brain power on display. Tahkns for that answer!

mary from england

Wednesday, 08-06-11 13:59

look forward to using the uni knot the next time i go fishing it is quick and easy thx

bsipfd from wGhPJKzwDfl

Tuesday, 03-05-11 06:34

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Zaylin from yOuUSDhGIINcfwgaKr

Monday, 02-05-11 09:57

I'm not easily imprsesed. . . but that's impressing me! Emoticon

Dolley from RMUVNtgljvwSfHhqvOR

Monday, 02-05-11 09:34

At last, soomene comes up with the "right" answer!


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