Twisted Dropper Loop

How to tie a Twisted Dropper Loop

The Twisted Dropper Loop is a variation of the dropper loop

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Karcy from VuugjxtRv

Wednesday, 27-04-11 23:20

Touhcdown! That's a really cool way of putting it!

Ahmad from Malaysia

Sunday, 05-12-10 16:19

Thanks a lot for a cool imformation about this knot....

Alan from New Zealand

Tuesday, 27-04-10 01:55

Great site, I have learnt a few knot's already and will be putting them into practice in the near future.

Happiness is a rod in your hand.

Dan from United States

Tuesday, 16-02-10 20:35

Thanks a bunch..This knot is going to save me money next perch fishing season!

rozz from Malaysia

Thursday, 11-02-10 10:49

cool site man..been looking for this knot..

Joseph from New Zealand

Wednesday, 03-02-10 01:07

What a great help you are! Very simple and clear demonstration! Amateurs like me suddenly feel like I can stand together with professionals.

Henry from Australia Gold Coast

Sunday, 13-12-09 04:17

Thank U!! Emoticon U sound Danish-GREAT Help 2 Me before fishing, Now I I can tie professional knots in front of the kids!


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