Improved Turle Knot

How to tie an Improved Turle Knot

The Improved Turle Knot is an easy knot that is quickly tied. It works well for hooks with downturned eyes but can be used for other hooks aswell. The improved turle knot retain around 80% of original line strength. It can be used with monofilament for attaching hooks, swivels, lures and flyes.

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john from england

Thursday, 23-09-10 15:03

fantastic site ive learnt a lot about knots

hoanglien from vietnam

Friday, 25-06-10 11:56

I' m interesed

chris jones from england

Saturday, 20-03-10 14:27

you make it look so easy brilliant idea to do it on vidio so simpal


Saturday, 20-03-10 10:29


Ray from United States

Saturday, 14-03-09 09:46

Great site

bla from afghanistan

Wednesday, 18-02-09 00:12

i like knots

the man

Tuesday, 30-12-08 20:26



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