Trilene Knot

How to tie the Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot is basically a variation of the clinch knot. The Trilene knot is considered a stronger knot since the line goes through the eye twice. It is great for joining monofilament to lures, hooks and swirvels. The trilene knot will retain 85-90% of the original line strength and is considered reliable and strong.

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John from US

Thursday, 14-05-09 22:37

Great site, would love a video of the Erwin or Irwin knot. Great knot for large diameter mono and fluoro.

Wally from USA

Sunday, 10-05-09 05:00

I appreciate the time to make these excellent videos.

Randy from USA

Wednesday, 11-03-09 03:11

Thanks. Definitely a site to bookmark! I immediately found out what I was doing wrong!!!!!


Friday, 02-01-09 16:14


Wickate from USA

Saturday, 29-11-08 06:54

Thank you guy most sincerely for the site and the videos - this is one knot I've been trying to memorize for use and the video helps A LOT!!

Dave from USA

Thursday, 28-08-08 03:49

Great instructional video; very well done!


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