Trilene Knot

How to tie the Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot is basically a variation of the clinch knot. The Trilene knot is considered a stronger knot since the line goes through the eye twice. It is great for joining monofilament to lures, hooks and swirvels. The trilene knot will retain 85-90% of the original line strength and is considered reliable and strong.

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bilal from australia

Monday, 04-04-11 01:27

thanks for teaching people how to tie some good knots im sure they will come in handy for people every where even if ur not fishing

Mike from England

Sunday, 27-03-11 06:21

Easy to follow and informative

charlie from usa

Sunday, 20-03-11 05:54

Thanks for the great videos they have really come in handy

jeff from United States

Saturday, 22-05-10 05:48

you say this knot is stringer than the clinch at 85-90% but you say the clinch is 95%....which is stronger?

mick from england

Sunday, 08-11-09 14:13

its sound this site thanks alot

Darren from Australia

Thursday, 24-09-09 15:51

Very well present, easy to follow & a must for all amature fisherman/women and professionals alike.. well done!

Nexhat from kosovo

Friday, 14-08-09 03:32

thank you


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