Thumb Knot

How to tie a Thumb Knot

The Thumb Knot is mostly used for attaching hooks, swivels and rings to heavy monofilament. At first it can be a bit tricky but when mastered it is a quick knot to tie.

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Logan Robichaud from Austria

Wednesday, 28-08-19 18:32


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james from ireland

Wednesday, 22-04-15 21:10

Thumb knot

Lohanny from FLcmAA95O7E

Tuesday, 30-09-14 19:40

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wwwwwww from wwwwwwww

Friday, 19-10-12 16:19


I love myself from You know it

Sunday, 26-02-12 15:37

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yuormun from HhKzXFAaXaGcvZVl

Thursday, 23-06-11 17:48

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rqqxnxptzf from crrTFnyI

Tuesday, 21-06-11 10:55

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