Surgeons Loop

How to tie the Surgeon's Loop

The Surgeon's Loop is a popular loop because it one of the quickest and easiest loops to tie. The surgeon's loop is also very strong so it no wonder that it is popular. The surgeon's loop will form a perfect loop at the fishing line. It can be used to make a loop to loop connection or to attach a lure that needs to move freely.

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Mickey from rgfypBvfEebFwfC

Wednesday, 27-04-11 01:08

Glad I've fnially found something I agree with!

Rick from BC, Canada

Saturday, 22-05-10 03:58

Great job! Can you also do the bait loop knot?

Joe from USA

Monday, 10-05-10 03:31

Yeah so is it strong or is it weak ? its the same knot as the double overhand ...

Ray Judd from England

Wednesday, 20-01-10 22:55

Thankyou for this and a few other knots I have learnt from you most helpfull and informative especially for me as I am just learning to fish

Jane from USA

Tuesday, 19-01-10 08:43

Very interesting, thanks! url=] search [/url]

Ann from USA

Tuesday, 19-01-10 08:41

Thanks for information!

giuseppe ricci from italy

Monday, 27-04-09 13:12

Isn't this the same as the double overhand loop? But here you say it's very strong, while on the double overhand you say it's NOT very strong.


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