Surgeons Loop

How to tie the Surgeon's Loop

The Surgeon's Loop is a popular loop because it one of the quickest and easiest loops to tie. The surgeon's loop is also very strong so it no wonder that it is popular. The surgeon's loop will form a perfect loop at the fishing line. It can be used to make a loop to loop connection or to attach a lure that needs to move freely.

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IndigoFlats from USA

Tuesday, 30-06-15 02:50

Sometimes it says a plugin is necessary to view the knot being ties. What is a plugin and where do I get one?

hirman from malaysia

Wednesday, 25-03-15 19:07

good job

Partev Hacopian from Armenia

Monday, 26-08-13 06:35

Please send me instruction for fly fishing tips and techniques.

FAH from USA

Tuesday, 19-02-13 14:48

I have used the surgeons/double over hand knot for years and find it to be easy and quite strong. Great for attaching sinkers or leaders with spinners for trolling.

Ray Dunn from Australia

Friday, 30-11-12 04:57


Denis from Usa

Tuesday, 27-12-11 15:09

Your videos are not viewable on an iPad

Trish from AIbNCPRSRzq

Monday, 02-05-11 11:23

AFAIC that's the best asenwr so far!


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