Surgeon's Knot

How to tie a Surgeon's Knot

The Surgeon's Knot is a great multipurpose knot. The surgeon's knot can be used for joining lines of both similar and different size. It can also be used with lines of differnt materials and works just as fine with lines of similar materials. The sugeon's knot is quick to tie and so easy that it can be tied easily in the dark. It retains nearly 100 percent breaking strenght. All in all a great knot.

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brett from australia

Wednesday, 14-07-10 13:40

@lette once Adolof adds 2 more turns its still the surgeons the water knot is slightly differnt at begining of tying the water starts with just loop formed and the surgeons with the overhand knot bbasicly its a double overhand knot, i too like to do a tripple overhand and find it retains about 90% but now even if you use the water knot at say 60% and your useing 30lb braid with a 40lb leader now most people will have their drags set at 30% u shouldnt have any probs unless you lock up and go for broke and even with that happening (eg snagged)i havent had a knot break .

Jim from US

Thursday, 27-08-09 23:18

I often experiment with different color monofilaments while i'm on the water. This is a great knot to quickly change leaders while you're fishing

Lette from USA

Monday, 18-05-09 05:53

The surgeon's knot has two fewer rotations than a water knot (rotations which respondent Adolfo adds, and still calls it a "surgeon's")... why does the water knot retain only 60% of breaking strength while the surgeon retains nearly %100?? I'm a new angler and want to understand! Thanks!!

Adolfo from USA

Wednesday, 04-02-09 04:53

while stronger than a blood knot, I have had even better results by adding one or two more turns in addition to the first two...

spike from uk

Saturday, 31-01-09 10:40



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