Surgeon's Knot

How to tie a Surgeon's Knot

The Surgeon's Knot is a great multipurpose knot. The surgeon's knot can be used for joining lines of both similar and different size. It can also be used with lines of differnt materials and works just as fine with lines of similar materials. The sugeon's knot is quick to tie and so easy that it can be tied easily in the dark. It retains nearly 100 percent breaking strenght. All in all a great knot.

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namraj from uk

Tuesday, 25-10-11 19:33


Guy Groulx from USA

Saturday, 24-09-11 01:21

How do I find knots? When I click on "fishing Knots" I get women's lingerie!!!!

qhskuxlvg from NoLVShSIfaCkXmb

Thursday, 23-06-11 17:46

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jkbrrhfo from gZrjOuMfVXqGa

Wednesday, 22-06-11 10:47

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jzafnzodbnh from pNOEJklgjkgqnQhKPU

Tuesday, 21-06-11 14:53

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fojkfmygmy from XHPvgkFcEuWyRJdpd

Monday, 20-06-11 18:55

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Keiwan from GazKkJfHnfuYkiTsQ

Monday, 20-06-11 10:03

THX that's a great anwser!


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