Spider Hitch

How to tie a Spider Hitch

The Spider Hitch is one of the easiest ways to form a loop or a double in a line. It is far easier than the bimini twist and the plaiting a double but it is not as strong. In monofilament it will retain around 80 percent of the lines original breaking strenght and much less with braides lines. The knot is popular for beeing quick and handy.

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hoseyn emerald

Thursday, 19-12-13 08:36

hi . im from iran . you are very good . tanksssssssss

Alyn from wJihWDjEVYxBnnZxxTj

Tuesday, 16-04-13 12:21

I'm not wrtohy to be in the same forum. ROTFL


Wednesday, 15-07-09 19:52

How do I tie a BRADY knot???

fishingnutt from USA

Friday, 10-04-09 01:27

i stumbled across that knot a few years back when i was messing around with a rope.and when i went on the web to see what it was i found that it was a spider hitch


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