Slim Beauty Knot

How to tie a Slim Beauty Knot

The Slim Beauty Knot is a strong knot that is easier to tie than many of the alternatives. It is used for connecting monofilament to a heavier leader. The slim beauty knot retains around 85 percent of the lines original breaking strenght.

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Thursday, 23-06-11 12:53

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Wednesday, 22-06-11 16:27

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Wednesday, 22-06-11 10:09

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Nelda from KqaYHsTHuMC

Tuesday, 21-06-11 17:17

Tnhaks for sharing. What a pleasure to read!

Kathreen from SyiVKzPvXmrG

Monday, 20-06-11 22:57

What a joy to find someone else who tnhkis this way.

Bob from US

Sunday, 02-05-10 16:13


rob from australia

Friday, 01-01-10 09:00

good demonstration no problems


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