Simple Simon Double

How to tie Simple Simon Double

The Simple Simon Double (also know as the albright knot) is by many considered the best knot for joining two lines of greatly differnt diameters or different materials. The simple simon double is a great choice for attacing monofilament to braided line. In fly fishing it is often used to join the fly line with the backing line but it can be used whenever you need to tie two fishing lines together.

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Dougal from Australia

Saturday, 28-05-11 02:51

Great videos I learned a lot Thank you

Dylan Andrews from New Zealand

Monday, 10-01-11 06:30

Thank you for making such great videos. of knots. Demystifies what has regularly frustrated me

Gaston Rioux from Canada

Saturday, 11-07-09 23:17

I watched several of ur videos on how to tie knots. Very well described.

branko lenger from hong kong

Tuesday, 02-06-09 15:14

great instructions


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