Rapala Knot

How to tie a Rapala Knot

The Rapala Knot is the knot that the Rapala brothers recommend to use with Rapala lures. The Rapala Knot attaches the lure with a loop at the end of the line. The loop will allow the lure to move freely and naturally. The Rapala brother also emphasize that the line is attached directly to the eye of the lure without the use of a snap or swirvel. Again this is to insure a natural movement.

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Gerri from bllDQaEITRhqTym

Thursday, 28-04-11 03:40

HHIS I should have tohhgut of that!

Bob W from USA

Friday, 03-09-10 19:51

Great learning tool on all of the knots Thanks

Ron from USA

Sunday, 01-08-10 05:12

After many years, I finally found out how to properly tie tha Rapala knot. Thanks !

Doc from USA

Thursday, 24-06-10 04:35

Thank you so much for making the Rapala knot clear for me. You have made it much easier for me now.

doc from ITALY

Wednesday, 23-06-10 12:59

It's very beautiful to know how make a real Rapala knot.

bob from usa

Monday, 31-05-10 04:52

I have been tying this knot wrong. I did verything except not put the the tag end through through the last loop. No wonder I had problems. Great site.

wan from malaysia

Sunday, 23-05-10 04:26

very good & useful knots. Hope I can remember some


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