Rapala Knot

How to tie a Rapala Knot

The Rapala Knot is the knot that the Rapala brothers recommend to use with Rapala lures. The Rapala Knot attaches the lure with a loop at the end of the line. The loop will allow the lure to move freely and naturally. The Rapala brother also emphasize that the line is attached directly to the eye of the lure without the use of a snap or swirvel. Again this is to insure a natural movement.

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Nathakorn from plfYLGvcG

Saturday, 05-01-13 15:41

I love the palomar knot. I love to surf fish with it with power pro caisntg bait with a 8oz sinker off the beach catching 30lbs striped bass This knot has never broken on me once. I love the way it preforms.

Bud Betts from USA

Wednesday, 18-07-12 17:04

Is there a web site to show knots that you can print out so a person can carry in boat?

Ole from Denmark

Thursday, 12-04-12 22:41

Great learning make strong knots final

Chiana from ejhrchOqaQ

Tuesday, 14-02-12 10:57

AKAIK you've got the asnewr in one!

Kendra from canada

Wednesday, 04-01-12 13:30

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umair akhter from pakistan

Thursday, 18-08-11 19:57

Really Great site to learn more about fishing and to make proper knots on rapala and lures.Thanks

Coltin from yLESiWWqjD

Monday, 02-05-11 11:29

Got it! Thanks a lot again for hlepnig me out!


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