Poacher's Noose

How to tie a Poacher's Noose

The Poacher's Noose is a simple loop that is easy to tie. It can be tied in both rope and fishing line. It is not the strongest loop knot and for fishing applications it is best used as a quick way to attach a sinker.

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Bobbybill from your ASS dumb shit

Sunday, 08-01-12 04:44

this fucking sux ass. this website is no fucking help bitch!!!!!!!

Coralyn from xWTifmlLXXzMzWeGpV

Monday, 02-05-11 09:42

Kudos to you! I hadn't tohguht of that!

Misako Ishimura from USA

Wednesday, 11-03-09 22:50

it is very educational. thank you.

Patrick Lalor from USA

Tuesday, 23-12-08 19:56

Sorry no glasses on...What I wanted to know was , What is the best (easy)fishing knot for very thin 2-4 lb test line for ice fishing?

Patrick Lalor from USA

Tuesday, 23-12-08 19:53

What is the best "easy" fishing from small 2-4 lb test line for icefishing?


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