Plaiting a Double

How to tie a Plaited Double

The Plaited Double

Tags: plaiting a double, how to tie a plaited double, the plaited double fishing knot

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Rochi from dWuRTQFpprPsgqA

Monday, 02-05-11 10:13

BION I'm irmpessed! Cool post!

Stafon from JDOEvkwnwSlRUnTDS

Wednesday, 27-04-11 14:05

BION I'm imprsseed! Cool post!

Webmaster from Denmark

Friday, 31-07-09 22:26

The correct video is now showing.

John from New Zealand

Wednesday, 06-05-09 09:03

Is anyone at home?????????????

Please refer to above messages !!!!!

John from New Zealand

Monday, 27-04-09 05:34

THis video doesn't show the plaitd double but the poachers noose

Randy from United States

Friday, 13-03-09 10:04

This video doesn't show the plaited double: it repeats the poacher's noose.


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