Plaiting a Double

How to tie a Plaited Double

The Plaited Double

Tags: plaiting a double, how to tie a plaited double, the plaited double fishing knot

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Thursday, 04-07-19 15:00

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Saturday, 08-11-14 04:59

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Jordan from ZSxrIZLgtfWIkTFmXvo

Saturday, 05-01-13 04:43

I love the palomar knot. I love to surf fish with it with power pro caintsg bait with a 8oz sinker off the beach catching 30lbs striped bass This knot has never broken on me once. I love the way it preforms.

luciano from italy

Thursday, 04-10-12 10:47

wonderful knot and illustratio

Jorgen from UK

Monday, 17-09-12 11:40

Brilliant, must try it out

Richard from United States of America

Thursday, 27-10-11 19:48

Very clear and understandable. Well done. I am motivated to try it and look at the other knots. Good job!

bernard from Australia

Tuesday, 11-10-11 05:31

great video


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