Perfection Loop

How to tie a Perfection Loop

The Perfection Loop is a great knot for tying a small loop at the end of the line. The Perfection Loop is perfectly in line with the standing part of the leader and it is both quick and easy to tie.

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zaman from Bangladesh

Wednesday, 04-08-10 20:00

perfect site to learn various bend and hitches, exact knot what i was looking for tying the swivel with line.thanks

Mike from UK

Saturday, 19-06-10 06:38

Great site, best knot tying site I've come across.

Nicholas from Bristol

Tuesday, 08-06-10 21:50


tinder from iran

Friday, 07-05-10 11:19


Neal from USA

Thursday, 01-04-10 02:46

I've tried to view this vedio several times and it keeps hanging up just as it was getting started. What's going on?

Peter from Australia

Sunday, 10-01-10 11:21

Very informative a great website thanks

Ed from USA Pennsylvania

Saturday, 04-04-09 22:12

Outstanding....this is the best 'knot' website I've seeen....very clear and you make tying new knots easy.....many thanks.


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