Paragun Knot

How to tie a Paragun Knot

The Paragun Knot

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Violetta from France

Wednesday, 14-03-12 13:58

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Josie from EBBBzVoaUEd

Monday, 02-05-11 09:47

Kudos to you! I hadn't touhght of that!


Monday, 12-10-09 21:22

very good to watch

Ben from Australia

Wednesday, 07-10-09 09:06

The whole series of knots is beatifully executed. Brilliant. Thank you very much.

raymond nguyen from usa

Monday, 27-07-09 04:59

it is so cool. thank you very much.

TERRY from U.S.A.

Saturday, 18-04-09 05:14

I never knew that there werw so many knots, I watch the video often for practice,Thank You Very Much

kataraxi from greece

Thursday, 02-04-09 13:27



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