Palomar knot

How to tie a Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is both quick an easy to tie. It is also very strong and therefor a very popular fishing knot. The only downside is that the palomar knot uses a little more line than other similar fishing knots. So if used in a tapered leader it will shorten the line more quickly. But when the palomar knot is used with small lures, hooks and swivels it is superior to many other fishing knots for being quick, easy and very strong. Also the palomar is so simple that it can be tied in the dark.

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tadd from Vienna

Monday, 18-01-10 10:50

Vielen dank fur diesen Post. Ich habe endlich alles verstanden. Ich mochte auch eine gute site empfehlen ? rapidshare SE

Jonathan from USA

Thursday, 17-12-09 01:50

Does the palomar work with braid lines too?

Michael from USA

Tuesday, 24-11-09 02:31

My brother ties a normal clinch knot with two overhand knots as extra precaution from slippage. Don't these weaken the overall line strength???


Tuesday, 08-09-09 01:27

Very strong, reliable and simple knot. I switched from improved clinch to palomar.
If not tied correctly (it's very easy to make a tangle mess), clinch knot tends to break very easily, if line is nylon. On the other side, palomar is very easy to tie and it's almost impossible to make a mistake - so every palomar you tie has the same strength.

Randy from USA

Monday, 01-06-09 02:35

Since I started using this knot many years ago, I have not had a single line failure at the knot. Very simple, Very strong.

Pdiddy from canada

Saturday, 30-05-09 17:18

does this guy not to easy bar tricks too hahah. though these knots are fantastic and are very useful. i do agree with fishingnut. ahaha i do the same thing.

fishingnutt from usa

Friday, 10-04-09 18:11

what i like to do after every knot is tie an over hand knot as a safety to ensure that it does not come untied.


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