Palomar knot

How to tie a Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is both quick an easy to tie. It is also very strong and therefor a very popular fishing knot. The only downside is that the palomar knot uses a little more line than other similar fishing knots. So if used in a tapered leader it will shorten the line more quickly. But when the palomar knot is used with small lures, hooks and swivels it is superior to many other fishing knots for being quick, easy and very strong. Also the palomar is so simple that it can be tied in the dark.

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babylon from UK

Wednesday, 20-04-11 05:29

great video

Gazz from Australia

Tuesday, 05-04-11 02:39

Fantastic site mate thank you for easy to follow instuctions.

budsfun from America

Friday, 01-04-11 18:07

GGGG, Click on the menu located on the top right of the screen. Choose a subject and learn, learn, learn!

bbh from GGGG

Monday, 21-03-11 00:25

I can't figure out how to find another knot.

Ron from USA

Friday, 28-01-11 00:10

Love it. Well done. Helpful. Simple to follow. Thanks.

mohamed from egypt

Monday, 24-01-11 03:54


andrew from United States

Wednesday, 01-09-10 19:57

very nice website indeed man.

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