Palomar knot

How to tie a Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is both quick an easy to tie. It is also very strong and therefor a very popular fishing knot. The only downside is that the palomar knot uses a little more line than other similar fishing knots. So if used in a tapered leader it will shorten the line more quickly. But when the palomar knot is used with small lures, hooks and swivels it is superior to many other fishing knots for being quick, easy and very strong. Also the palomar is so simple that it can be tied in the dark.

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Saturday, 05-01-13 11:52

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Saturday, 05-01-13 11:51

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Joselo from rwmRMbeIOYQRpU

Friday, 04-01-13 22:29

I love everyone of them bears are aylaws so cute and tell a story.. but the fishing ones for a friend who loves to fish would be a great one all are cute kind of what he is like fishing with his grandson, relaxing at the fishing hole and out on the lake ha great figures

Priya from MqkKPzfRfHyEvhjL

Friday, 04-01-13 21:16

sara - LOVE IT! I love your blogs, even after I've looked at our pics hunerdds of times, I love how you present them! thanks so much for being so awesome with all of our shoots, but especially on the wedding, I didn't worry about anything cause I knew you and Mark and Monica had it covered and it would be awesome and y'all were thanks to all of you!!

TheElectronicDon from Australia

Friday, 28-09-12 14:40


mbedi79 from UK

Tuesday, 05-06-12 23:00


Emon from iBBxTKFKgv

Tuesday, 13-03-12 14:28

Lizzy....My favorite knot and one of the very few I use these days is ratropaippely called the "Slim Beauty"...I think you you each and every time I tie it...EmoticonLook for the directions on email....


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