Marshall's Snare

How to tie a Marshall's Snare

The Marshall's Snare is a compact knot that is both quick and easy to tie. It works best for up or- down-turned hook eyes. The knot will not exceed the eye and can therefor be used by fly fishermen for attaching flies to the leader when a delicate presentation is important.

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Friday, 13-01-12 19:18

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Tuesday, 10-01-12 18:39

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Sunday, 08-01-12 18:23

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Joyce from GFpSTsTzAI

Sunday, 08-01-12 04:56

Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good artcile.

yurajisko from Czech Republic

Friday, 11-02-11 11:01


monte from usa

Saturday, 24-04-10 00:24

If you connot tie a knot tie a lot..

jamie from austraila

Sunday, 01-11-09 11:03



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