Improved Half Blood Knot

How to tie an Improved Half Blood Knot

The Improved Half Blood Knot is basically a half blood knot with a little improvement. To make the knot more secure the end tag is locked in the final step when tying the knot. The Improved Half Blood Knot is a popular knot for attaching hooks, swivels and lures to the the fishing line.

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Mohamed from u5iKwBaCAUSP

Tuesday, 30-09-14 15:43

Im impressed. Tying a tie is sohnimteg I have never been able to do. When I worked at IHOP we had to wear ties and I had to have my mom tie mine every time I went to work.

fmouxwe from GttHRuOsILdHiesXgal

Sunday, 09-06-13 09:30

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zaqhnqcik from jZzZnbIsIqB

Sunday, 02-06-13 03:17

sFWj1n udgxrmhsjuyr

Zekalo from qjQCgxxojUDGm

Saturday, 01-06-13 00:57

I used colored plicnes for this one, Teresa . . . this weekend, I'm gonna get felt-tip markers. I want to re-do the circular knot that I did earlier this week. If all goes well, I'd like to animate one (or two) knots a week!!

Woodsy from Queensland Australia

Thursday, 18-04-13 23:00

Clear and concise instructions. Cheers

TY from Singapore

Thursday, 06-05-10 12:53

The video has clear instructions and is really easy to understand. Thanks for this cool video!

Dave from England

Thursday, 01-10-09 22:44

Thanks for showing these great videos for tying knots. You've made my sea fishing weekend way easier now. Brilliant


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