Improved Clinch Knot

How to tie an Improved Clinch Knot

The Improved Clinch Knot is a normal clinch knot with a little improvement to make the clinch knot even more secure. The Improvement is an extra tuck to finalize the knot. The improved clinch knot is used the same way as the ordinary clinch knot to attach a lure, hook or swivel to the line. The improved clinch knot is very popular since it is both strong and easy to tie.

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Mike Shreve from usa

Wednesday, 26-06-13 03:48

you did not show at the begging of video whether or not the first trip through the hook was toward the inside of the hook or the outside.

xlnsyzxn from hqQGkhatxWXuDnpue

Tuesday, 08-01-13 11:14

SpmH9e wasptlbilfkq

Meseret from mLJWwmYyDrSZ

Saturday, 05-01-13 11:36

BiggerrfishThe nail knot is one I would not be using ---too much of a hassle. I am ready to get out on the water and try some of these knots out. I see you are fioolwlng my blog, but I don't see you as a thumbnial image follower on my blog follower section---can you check?? Thanks Bill

Steven Seah from Singapore

Monday, 01-10-12 12:20

I like fishing

Judy from canada

Thursday, 26-01-12 04:21

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Shyam Dewan from Nepal

Wednesday, 24-08-11 21:47

won't work against a masheer

Roger from Barbados

Wednesday, 09-02-11 23:38

I prefer the simple clinch knot. If you realy want extra securit with the tag end pass it thru hook eye at the end of the clinch then again thru hook eye then thru line eye. Perfect works best on light lines


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