Homer Rhode Loop

How to tie a Homer Rhode Loop

The Homer Rhode Loop allows lures or flies to move freely and is used when a lure requires that to move naturally. It is easily tied and retains around 85 percent of the lines original breaking strenght.

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Mugalu from WyHMMKVZo

Monday, 07-01-13 13:44

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zxemselxsh from OTmXElbEt

Thursday, 28-04-11 06:40

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Mateen from AMdHVWsobKUTF

Wednesday, 27-04-11 19:00

AFAIC that's the best aneswr so far!

brett from australia

Wednesday, 14-07-10 12:58

one of the best knots when useing lures and aspecialy soft plastics lets it be more life like

sarab from k.s.a

Sunday, 30-05-10 13:51

fishng men

Mike from USA

Thursday, 08-04-10 05:06

Can't wait to try this for big pike this spring.


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