Half Blood Knot

How to tie a Half Blood Knot

The Half Blood Knot i similar to the clinch knot. It is same knot with two different names. So to avoid showing the same knot twice we will do a variation called the Locked Half Blood Knot. This variation ads a way to secure the tag end in the final steps of tying the knot. The half blood knot is used to attached lures, hooks and swirvels to the fishing line.

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Leo Varnado from USA-Phoenix, AZ

Friday, 25-02-11 04:11

After searching numerous sites/links only to have them redirected to one that is looking for me to pay or subscribe to a service..It was refreshing to find VFK.com Thanks to Wikipedia, I'm able to tie the Locked Half Blood Knot...Thanks again

sam from canada

Monday, 14-12-09 03:33

thanks for all the great job.


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