Half Blood Knot

How to tie a Half Blood Knot

The Half Blood Knot i similar to the clinch knot. It is same knot with two different names. So to avoid showing the same knot twice we will do a variation called the Locked Half Blood Knot. This variation ads a way to secure the tag end in the final steps of tying the knot. The half blood knot is used to attached lures, hooks and swirvels to the fishing line.

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Sompong from sSOSHPAXRHayhrmWBV

Wednesday, 16-01-13 12:14

good afternoon, found your site by acnedict on the web and immediatly see the value of the fish skull for our deep water fly fishing in the north east ,or any where for that matter, i am looking forward to tying some skull heads on our local patterns and see what happens. if your ever in the new york area please be my guest for a day of bass and blue fishing on some western sound islands on our pathfinder bay boat. privately im a smallmoth bass fan and in the fast water these heads will be a great advantage over the dumbell style weights .. again thank you and a great website too. sincerly capt brian moran Feather Bay

aka from england

Sunday, 25-09-11 11:03

thanks easy to follow instructions

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Monday, 02-05-11 13:35

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Honney from bCEyVjgBYMUKb

Monday, 02-05-11 10:05

At last, someone comes up with the "right" anwser!


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