Grinner Knot

How to tie a Grinner Knot

The Grinner Knot is a very strong knot that works with all line types also braided lines. The breaking strenght is close to 100 percent. It is fairly easy to tie and is mostly used for attacing swivels og hooks to the line. The grinner knot can be used for lures too. All in all a great allround knot to have in the fishing knot arsenal.

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Dan from USA

Tuesday, 23-06-09 02:02

Great site, it's been a while since I have fished seriously (15 years) and I had forgotten more than I remembered. Thanks, I now feel confident that my knots will hold up to the test. Dan

texas saltwater angler from Good Ol \' U.S.A.

Sunday, 14-06-09 08:13

the grinner worked to perfection.i used the knot for some set-ups to catch some speckled trout. i nailed 10 and 2 flounder with no problem. thanks a lot for these videos

Northern Boy from Canada

Thursday, 04-06-09 03:19

This knot is very strong! I tested it 3 times and it did not break. For the test I used Power Pro Braid 15lb test and 20lb weights. The line broke at 20lb,18lb,18lb using the same piece of line and each break was at the mid section never the knot. I also tested the Palomer and Uni and they too held the weight without breaking the knot. This site is very helpful...thanks for your time and effort in creating it.


Monday, 01-06-09 03:49

WOW!!!! THIS IS GREAT MORTEN KJEMS . I have been looking for something like this "great job".... very detail instuctions, THANK YOU again

Breck from Salvador

Tuesday, 21-04-09 23:43

I really liked your website. Thank you very much! Its a great website!very interesting and informative.
I am from Salvador and bad know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Hours wall clock time, of which the beta period took days."

Regards :p Breck.

Rodd from uk

Wednesday, 25-03-09 20:20

good clear info well done.

greg from australia

Thursday, 12-03-09 10:44

Fantastic web site, I am very greatful to you for doing this web site, OUTSTANDING 10/10


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