Grinner Knot

How to tie a Grinner Knot

The Grinner Knot is a very strong knot that works with all line types also braided lines. The breaking strenght is close to 100 percent. It is fairly easy to tie and is mostly used for attacing swivels og hooks to the line. The grinner knot can be used for lures too. All in all a great allround knot to have in the fishing knot arsenal.

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Saad from lJyYrgbdSYRQBJn

Friday, 04-01-13 18:09

WOW! Busola!!!! THESE ARE WONDERFUL! I can't lie, I saw these and teared up (tears of joy of crouse) I remember when this relationship was a bud before the blossom and it has been a beautiful thing ever sense! CONGRATS hon, you and Jude are soooo perfect for each other and you look great in the process. I am extremely happy for you guys! ~ love always Jelly

kit from nz

Wednesday, 11-04-12 06:36

all knots have some different names and slightly different techniches. ie uni knot can be 5 or 6 turns optimum apparently 5 and 1/2 line should be moistened before tying GREAT SITE

Marni from qtJRQihIigQRugESjhb

Thursday, 20-10-11 11:16

I thought I'd have to read a book for a dicsovery like this!

Takeo from dVNyePYhDC

Thursday, 20-10-11 10:16

I searhced a bunch of sites and this was the best.

Kellsie from CRHLnQbTv

Monday, 20-06-11 21:47

This forum needed shiakng up and you?ve just done that. Great post!

Matt from Scotland

Friday, 27-05-11 12:57

hi - with grinner knot you dont have to wrap it round 6 times to begin with as you show in video, just form loop and wrap around 6 times - should redo video to show - meanwhile thx for handy website

yyddhjuf from UEDWzuISBrKGUFBqS

Wednesday, 04-05-11 15:46

3H5AE3 , [url=]rkwzvmsgqjhh[/url], [link=]lpeeedqnsplv[/link],


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