End Loop

How to tie a End Loop

The End Loop is a loop knot for tieing a loop in monafilament. The end loop is simple an quick to tie and very strong. These benefits makes the end loop a great choice for many situations.

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I have a very basic philosophy based on slipme logic: If I can see the line, so can the fish! Because of that, and more than 50 years of experience, I prefer the clearest line I can find, and I also keep my line diameter to the thinnest I can use and still safely catch fish. No one hates to lose a big fish or an expensive lure more than I do. I won't go to the extreme in either direction. (You can lose a big fish by using too heavy a line also when they see it and shy away from it.) I don't tackle the bruisers with cobweb line, nor to I go on the assumption that the line weight has to equal or exceed the weight of the fish I pursue. I have caught a number of salmon up to an 18# King Salmon on 6# test and 25# carp on that same weight line. It is more about what you do with your rod and the reel's drag setting than what weight your line breaks at. When I purchase a new (or used) reel that comes with line installed, I almost ALWAYS remove and replace the fluorescent and heavy lines in favor of light-weight lines that are totally clear. My motto in that regard? Now you see it? Now you don't! Good luck and good fishing!SPECIAL NOTE: I almost forgot to give you one important point. Unlike humans who's eyesight deteriorates with age, it has been scientifically proven that the ability to see actually improves as a fish gets older. Something to do with how the lens in the eye changes its concave features which result in the eye developing what amounts to a magnification of sorts. That would also account for why the bigger (older) fish are so much more difficult to fool and to catch. In the clear waters of Alaska, I have all too often seen big fish approach a lure only to vear off at the very last moment when I expected them to hit it. Something unnatural turned them off. For that same reason, I rarely attach a lure directly to my line with a snap swivel. If and when you need the swivel, attach it further up the line like 4 feet or so from the lure. I also consider trading the LARGE trebel hooks of some of my lures for slightly smaller and less obvious ones, even adding feather or fur to the hooks so they more resemble fish fins than wire. It works for me.


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