Duncan's Loop

How to tie a Duncan's Loop

The Duncan's Loop form a loop at the end of the line. Unlike many other loop knots the duncan's loop can easily be ajusted to the desired size before it is pulled tight. It is often used by fly fishermen to attach a fly to the leader but can be used in other applications aswell. This compact knot is easy to tie and will retain around 85 percent of the lines original breaking strenght.

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Don K from USA

Saturday, 29-05-10 19:39

You provide a valuable service. Very clear instruction!! Thank you

Mike Mc from USA

Thursday, 08-04-10 05:13

Salmon fly season is just around the corner. I have just enought to practice this knot.

Tom Reese from USA

Friday, 12-03-10 23:29

I use the Duncan's Loop all the time when fishing my Rapalas! I love your demonstrations because they are easy to follow and simplifies the knot tying process. Thanks!

Mike from USA

Sunday, 22-03-09 04:05

Very clear and easy to understand. I can now tie a Duncan's loop knot.


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