Duncan's Loop

How to tie a Duncan's Loop

The Duncan's Loop form a loop at the end of the line. Unlike many other loop knots the duncan's loop can easily be ajusted to the desired size before it is pulled tight. It is often used by fly fishermen to attach a fly to the leader but can be used in other applications aswell. This compact knot is easy to tie and will retain around 85 percent of the lines original breaking strenght.

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Chadman from Canada

Wednesday, 27-02-13 08:01

sorry, should say 2011 atlantic salmon season, not 2012.. 2012 was a slow year for atlantics on the miramichi!

Chadman from Canada

Wednesday, 27-02-13 07:59

wether this is the Ducans loop or not, i've used it all atlantic salmon season 2012 and it worked great! easy to tie! and never had the loop fail! I hooked into about 20 atlantics that were anywhere from 12 to 20 lbs easily without the loop failing. And i was using 8 lb leader material. Great loop, I show it to everyone I can convince to give it a try.

Bill from USA

Wednesday, 13-06-12 05:10

The knot shown is NOT a Duncan loop!
The loop should be formed in the tag, not the standing line. The loop shown will not slip. Bad info!

Norman from usa

Saturday, 31-12-11 13:52

Correct Duncan Loop:
There are many web-sites that describe and illustrate a fishing knot that is variously known as a Duncan Loop, Uni-Knot or Grinner.
In Geoff Wilson's ?Complete Book of Fishing Knots & Rigs? the illustration of the ?Duncan Loop? is shown improperly since the initial loop is formed on the standing line side of the hook eye.
This improper illustration of the Duncan loop is a non-slip loop that does not have similar strength as the Duncan loop and to my knowledge has no name.
When the initial loop is formed in the tag end portion of the line after passing through the hook eye it can form a proper Duncan Loop.
The illustration immediately below labeled ?Uni-Knot? is a proper illustration of the Duncan Loop although the snugging and final setting are not shown. The Uni-Knot is a later renamed copy of the original Duncan Loop.
If pulled down and set properly the final configuration of the Duncan Loop, Uni-Knot or Grinner are all the same.

I believe that some of the confusion lies in the manner of which these knots are pulled down after the last wrap with the tag end is passed through the initial loop. In my knot and the Uni the tag end is pulled in the same direction as the standing line with sufficient force to allow the wraps to wind back over themselves to form a neat spiral over the standing and tag lines like a nail knot tied back over on the line itself. If this is not done the knot will not fold over and therefore form knots that differ in their final configuration and strength.

If there are any questions, comments or if further information is needed you may contact me at ?norman.e.duncan@gmail.com? or give me as call at 305 332-3567.

Joe from USA

Wednesday, 03-08-11 14:27

Nice and easy instruction.

Star from xIkDbtXXomwacJrIa

Monday, 02-05-11 08:36

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