Dropper Loop

How to tie a Dopper Loop

The Dropper loop is a classic loop knot which is often used on multi-hook fishing lines and bait rigs. The dropper loop is also often used by fly fishermen to attach an extra fly to the leader. The dropper loop can be created in the middle of a the fishing line and forms a loop which is off to the side of the line.

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emmanuel from ireland

Tuesday, 18-08-09 20:07

looks fine to me need too watch a few times thanks

umit from Turkey

Thursday, 13-08-09 08:33

good knot

Mike from greece

Saturday, 18-07-09 20:15

very interesting knot

Keith from USA

Monday, 25-05-09 19:25

Yes....Hold the loop with your yeeth while you pull on the left and right tag ends.

John from USA

Friday, 09-01-09 07:31

When making this knot grab the loop with your teeth and put the two outer ends with your two hands and it will make it 100 times easier on yourself. Plus, when your holding it with your teeth it cant slide back through it self and make a smaller loop.
I make 100's of these a day. I work on a head boat.

Ken from usa

Monday, 17-11-08 06:37



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