Dropper Loop

How to tie a Dopper Loop

The Dropper loop is a classic loop knot which is often used on multi-hook fishing lines and bait rigs. The dropper loop is also often used by fly fishermen to attach an extra fly to the leader. The dropper loop can be created in the middle of a the fishing line and forms a loop which is off to the side of the line.

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sarah from wisconsin

Saturday, 04-12-10 23:30

How do you finish a loop when done?


Thursday, 16-09-10 20:17

Very good knot.i use the handle of the door for faster tie(put the hoose on handle,spittle the line,end tight).

Tom from USA

Thursday, 05-08-10 22:41

your vito are all great, I can do about 10
knots in a short time of practice.

Richard from usa

Wednesday, 21-07-10 03:55

Thanks for your help i can tie three of them already.

Mike from USA

Sunday, 09-05-10 19:10

It helps with this knot to lubricate the knot part with saliva before pulling it tight. What I do is tie it as instructed then before tightening it I run it through my wetted lips a couple of times then grab the loop with my teeth and pull the tag ends. If it hangs up just stop and wet it some more and pull some more. GREAT video!
Kind regards, Capt. Mike

domingo from philippines

Thursday, 15-04-10 14:02

great... im badly need that. tilapia always bite together.. tnx..

Jack from California

Wednesday, 21-10-09 02:51

thank you...great information


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