Double Uni Knot

How to tie a Double Uni Knot

The Double Uni Knot is used to join lines of similar of different diameters. It is based on the same system as a normal "single" uni knot. So if you learn the system you will be able to join lines or attach the line to end tackle with the same "knot system".

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gary from fl

Wednesday, 17-02-10 23:37

good job

Steve from San Francisco

Wednesday, 26-08-09 09:48

Sorry Dude, The tag ends should be in the same plane as the standing line when the knot is finished. Yours don't because you start your wraps with the tag end in front of the standing line, instead of the back when wrapping towards you. See the green one. Try it with stiff heavy mono, to really see. All in all, a good site.

dano from ireland, dublin

Tuesday, 14-07-09 14:01

thanks alot man, this knot is gona help alot on fenit pier

ales from ?esk√° republika

Saturday, 30-05-09 17:57

je tu super ,

Andy from england

Sunday, 17-05-09 16:46

Really good site has hlep me alot

Mike from New Zealand

Wednesday, 22-04-09 12:52

What is the best knot for joiningBraid to Mono

Ed from USA Pennsylvania

Saturday, 04-04-09 22:03

Thank you for such a clear demonstration of this knot....very helpful.


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