Double Overhand Loop

How to tie a Double Overhand Loop

The Double Overhand Loop is a very quick and easy way to tie a loop at the end of the line. It is not a very strong knot but it is fine for attaching a sinker. For most other applicatiopns other stronger knots are better options. The double overhand loop retains around 55 percent of the line original breaking strenght. A simple and yet reliable fishing knot.

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jan from nederland

Friday, 05-11-10 16:18

fishing knot see a video please

welten from holland

Friday, 30-01-09 10:32


John from USA

Friday, 09-01-09 07:36

This is the SAME knot as a Surgeon's loop. And in the Surgeon's loops description it says very strong knot. In this video you say its a very weak knot. Which is it??
I have catch many fish on this knot. But I recommend a dropper knot for hooks and this knot for a sinker.'
I work on a head boat and tie this knot everyday too.


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