Double Grinner Knot

How to tie a Double Grinner Knot

The Double Grinner Knot is a great knot for joining two monofilament lines. The two halves of the knot are tightened independently and that makes the not easy to handle. The lines can be of both different and similar diameters.

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Monty from Finland

Sunday, 08-05-11 21:00

The grinner knot is also known as the uni knot (and with bunch of other names), so they are the same thing.

steve from uk

Tuesday, 01-09-09 11:08

Dude, this is the video for a double uni knot, not a double grinner knot!

Great video nonetheless!

johnfenech from australia

Friday, 10-04-09 04:33

how to do grinner knot


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