Double Grinner Knot

How to tie a Double Grinner Knot

The Double Grinner Knot is a great knot for joining two monofilament lines. The two halves of the knot are tightened independently and that makes the not easy to handle. The lines can be of both different and similar diameters.

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ali saeb from iran

Monday, 28-10-13 14:41

i like you

Jemmy from SMOkRPDuCxnrCdsrBGv

Wednesday, 16-01-13 10:32

I use 6 to 8 pound monofilament, it works well for me but other pepole don't like it because it has memory ( it will form to the spool after time) and can fray when fished in heavy cover.

kccfvb from MkMQwLIkiNbOBjQVfQ

Monday, 07-01-13 07:08

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Murad from JFruqqDAnL

Saturday, 05-01-13 08:00

Free info like this is an apple from the tree of kwnoledge. Sinful?

andrew from uk

Thursday, 08-11-12 11:15

definitely a double uni knot , grinner knot is different

andrew from uk

Thursday, 08-11-12 11:14

definitely a double uni knot , grinner knot is different

steve from australia

Sunday, 05-02-12 07:04

thank you very much for this,people like you make my life so much easier. well presented and difficult to observe someone doing these knots with fishing line on a video.


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