Double Four Fold Blood Knot

How to tie a Double Four Fold Blood Knot

The Double Four Fold Blood Knot is used to join two similar size lines. The double four fold blood knot maintains a high portion of the line's inherent strength and it is quick and easy to tie. In fly fishing it is often used when joining sections of leader together.

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jgmqfjnsaty from MwDTDiUECdpjA

Monday, 22-04-13 16:37

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Ulises from mzhLNCFQacx

Saturday, 13-04-13 01:34

Hi dis helped me alot ahglouth i have a COLLECTION of friendship bracelets an it was fun to add another design to my collection, but before i was only doing the candy knot an peruvian wave, butterfly, and chinese staircase so thnx ALOT an i also make bead bracelts an balloon bracelets.P.s plz keep makin ideas.

Butterfly from qIZzgDnKKZiNRcrTlra

Wednesday, 27-04-11 22:07

Hey, that's the greastet! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

hesham from Egypt

Tuesday, 04-08-09 04:18

Brilliant display and rendition.. keep up the good work.. Yet, it is important to mention what the knots are used for in some detail..


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