Clinch Knot

How to tie a Clinch Knot

The clinch knot is simple and is probably the most popular fishing knot for attaching a line to a lure, hook or swivel. When tied properly the clinch knot is very strong with a breaking strength around 95%.The Clinch knot work well for medium sized lines (6 lb - 30 lb). It is a perfect knot to choose for most lures.

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k from usa

Sunday, 19-04-09 01:44

the vids work fine with my firefox, u just suck that bad

Curt from USA

Saturday, 11-04-09 16:14

Ed..Look close, maybe you can complain more !

Ed from USA

Thursday, 09-04-09 06:22

These are helpful videos but they don't work with Firefox.... and who wants to use IE?

Rodd from UK

Thursday, 26-03-09 10:47

great informative site m8.

Fred from New Zealand

Friday, 20-03-09 22:22

I have not read further on your site and wondered whether or not you're going to tie a double clinch not which is my preferred knot for tying the trace to the fly

tom from usa

Friday, 09-01-09 20:58


bob from us

Monday, 01-12-08 00:29

I like this knot


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