Clinch Knot

How to tie a Clinch Knot

The clinch knot is simple and is probably the most popular fishing knot for attaching a line to a lure, hook or swivel. When tied properly the clinch knot is very strong with a breaking strength around 95%.The Clinch knot work well for medium sized lines (6 lb - 30 lb). It is a perfect knot to choose for most lures.

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red666 from united arab emirates

Sunday, 19-12-10 20:07

i have been searching for a while for instruction video on fishing knots and honestly you are the very best out there. thank you a zillion time

kylie from UK

Friday, 06-08-10 08:48


essay writers from NY

Friday, 06-08-10 08:45

perfect video, as you can see how easy it is to clinch knot

Mitch from US

Friday, 06-08-10 08:43

very clear instructions! Thanks

essay writers

Lika from NY

Thursday, 24-06-10 14:36

Thanks for the video. I use program downloaded by
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Peg Rumsey from USA

Monday, 07-06-10 13:01

My son is studying this site and doing the knots along with the video. He's a boyscout, and is working toward his fishing Merit Badge

Roger from Sweden

Friday, 21-05-10 03:05

Thanx! Now I wont loose any fish =)


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