Blood Knot

How to tie a Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is used to join two similar size lines. The blood knot maintains a high portion of the line's inherent strength and it is quick and easy to tie. In fly fishing it is often used when joining sections of leader together.

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Brian H from Australia

Friday, 09-04-10 11:08

Great video, thanks. I just found your site.

Brian H. from USA

Wednesday, 22-07-09 01:23

Wow, great video -- this is much better than trying to learn from diagrams!

Monkey 1

Sunday, 12-07-09 10:02

Works really well


Sunday, 12-07-09 09:59

Sorry for comment

Simon from New Zealand

Sunday, 12-07-09 09:57

Awsome knot

Penis from Texaas

Sunday, 12-07-09 09:55

Didn't load god damit

JIm C. from USA

Monday, 04-05-09 03:51

Good slow paced blood knot demo


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