Blood Knot

How to tie a Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is used to join two similar size lines. The blood knot maintains a high portion of the line's inherent strength and it is quick and easy to tie. In fly fishing it is often used when joining sections of leader together.

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Kaley from mRSmdBSgfaX

Monday, 02-05-11 08:40

TYVM you've sloevd all my problems

Matee from xsIfIiNghRFwVwfchUO

Wednesday, 27-04-11 17:18

Got it! Tnhaks a lot again for helping me out!

Gerrie from NYsIpsAqTaywZUH

Wednesday, 27-04-11 13:27

That's 2 clever by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Tahnks!

Dennis herico from canada

Saturday, 26-03-11 14:38

finally I'm not going to waste fishing lines

Pippo from Italy

Sunday, 27-06-10 10:21

The blod knot video have a problem

Rick from Usa

Friday, 18-06-10 21:23


katie from australia

Sunday, 23-05-10 20:34

finally found something useful on the 'net. thanks so much


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