Bimini Twist

How to tie a Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist creates a long loop of line which retain 100% of the original line strengt. The bimini twist is the the strongest loop knot of all but it takes a little practice to get i right. It is an essential knot for fly fishing and light tackle fishing so the bimini twist is a good knot to know.

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TimG from USA

Monday, 04-05-09 00:23

That's the best instruction I myself have ever seen for tying that knot, very well done Sir.

John from USA

Sunday, 12-04-09 04:25

Excellent instruction video.


Monday, 30-03-09 09:50


andrew from United States

Monday, 09-03-09 20:08

Very helpful and a good explanation

Oceanluvr from USA

Wednesday, 18-02-09 21:54

Great video and good looking knot

jeffrey from panama

Sunday, 14-12-08 02:17

Well done!


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