Bimini Twist

How to tie a Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist creates a long loop of line which retain 100% of the original line strengt. The bimini twist is the the strongest loop knot of all but it takes a little practice to get i right. It is an essential knot for fly fishing and light tackle fishing so the bimini twist is a good knot to know.

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Francis YON from Canaa

Tuesday, 13-10-09 02:13

very well demonstrated

Shawky from Egypt

Thursday, 03-09-09 16:33

Nice knot and nice exeplanation, thank U very much

Jim from USA

Friday, 28-08-09 22:42

Very nice. The other videos I've seen are not as clear

Dana Otto from USA

Tuesday, 18-08-09 01:35

very well done. thank you

thebigfish from United States

Thursday, 11-06-09 19:03

hello fellows GIT R DONE

Peter H Knaup from usa

Monday, 25-05-09 12:11


westly ong from singapore

Saturday, 09-05-09 16:01

You guys are the best in the world. Cheers !


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