Bimini Twist

How to tie a Bimini Twist

The Bimini Twist creates a long loop of line which retain 100% of the original line strengt. The bimini twist is the the strongest loop knot of all but it takes a little practice to get i right. It is an essential knot for fly fishing and light tackle fishing so the bimini twist is a good knot to know.

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Bob from USA

Friday, 23-07-10 18:27

Best, simple instruction for Bimini twist I have ever seen. My first try came out awesome. Thanks

Simon from Australia

Wednesday, 10-03-10 03:59

thanks for the great video
i just tied my first 2 bimini twists
did one of either side of some 50lb mono and pulled till the line snapped
both bimnis didnt move or break
now i can connect some windons and go and catch some monster kingies

Doug from USA - Florida

Friday, 26-02-10 18:01

For Spidermn, Try an upside down knot to attach braided line to your spool arbor.

john m from us of a

Saturday, 20-02-10 02:36

great instruction, thanks

Ben from Australia

Monday, 08-02-10 07:22

How easy was that!! Reel magic!
The best I've ever seen. This already is my favourite loop, but the way it is performed here is much better than my own way. Thanks a million, master.

spydermn from USA

Monday, 01-02-10 01:35

The first website that has been able to teach me a bimini twist! Thanks, great site as always! now any suggestions for a knot to attach line to spool?

Durval from Brasil

Friday, 08-01-10 15:47

Muito bem explicado.


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